Adding functionality and fashion to your interiors

Elsa Design Co.

Seeing design like fashion, Natasha, Owner, of Elsa Design & Co. always had a vision of having her own brand. Her creativity and her exclusive designs make her stand apart from her competitors. In conversation with Urban Melange, she talks about her journey, and how the interiors of Indian homes are evolving these days.

Q. Tell us about your journey as an entrepreneur? Why did you choose Interiors as your career path?

An entrepreneur is never born overnight. It’s a buildup of ideas and pre-planning towards a vision no one else can see. I was always inclined toward beautiful spaces and architecture.  New materials, designs, and ideas are perceived as fashion by me. A beautiful home is everyone’s dream and doing great interiors is fulfilling and becoming an evident part of someone’s life and creating a space they will value for years.

Q. How was Elsa Design Co. born? What was your vision behind the brand?

Elsa Design Co. EDC is born only out of love and passion. We do Furniture, Lighting, and decor and have 2 display showrooms in sector 28 and sector 8 Chandigarh. The vision was to do different and exclusive designs. To focus on finishing and quality so that even simple designs look exemplary.

Q. What has been your biggest challenge till now?

The biggest challenge is that a full house cannot be made by pictures from the internet. You need to have a vision and a creative mind that can see beyond pictures. The clients need to follow and trust the professional on board.

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