Living Life the Healthy Way!

The most-sought after Clinical Dietitian and Herbal Consultant in the region since the last one decade, Nalini shares with us some words of wisdom on health & wellness

By: Bhavya Gaind

In today’s era of a sedentary lifestyle, what in your opinion are the major causes behind the rampant medical disorders like thyroid, blood pressure, obesity etc?

Every second household has one or another patient of thyroid or Blood Pressure. It’s merely because of stress-full eating and people being more dependent on outside food rather than home cooked fresh food. With less physical activity, people are putting on more weight which is ultimately leading to disturbed hormones cycle, organ failure and early diabetes.

What are some changing trends in the health & wellness industry to look out for?

Going back to Mother Nature, people are now accepting the acidic – alkaline food combinations; following any fancy name diet for sometime, which is giving short-lived results. People have started working on the core organs, cleansing them and nourishing which is resulting in improved health and high metabolism.

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