“Live Your Passion!”

A writer ever since she was just 4 years old, Renee Singh exudes a timeless charm and an indomitable will

By: Bhavya Gaind

Hailing her roots from the beautiful city of Dehradun, Renee Singh was brought up in an environment where nature seemed to be ruling in every breath that she took. Dehradun, Mussoorie and Rishikesh were her homing grounds and visiting ashrams with her grandmother was a staple part of her young years.

“I developed a love for animals, birds and nature because these were my constant companions and in my immediate environment.  My parents used to organise a Mushaira at our farmhouse amidst the mango orchards in the small town of Sarsawa near Saharanpur which made me develop a tremendous love for Urdu poetry,” reminisces Renee who took her first stint while in school at Welham Girls School in Dehradun.

“I loved sitting under the litchi trees in junior school and imagining that I’m Shakespeare.  In high school, I came to live with my grandma in Chandigarh and went to Carmel Convent school and then to Government College for girls to pursue an honours degree in English literature. To further fulfil my dream of becoming a writer, I joined the Panjab University to do a Bachelor’s degree in journalism,” she adds. Later, Renee got a scholarship to pursue her Masters in English Literature from Cambridge, which she had to forgo as her “Zamindari background was disapproving of girls studying abroad.”

Seeking inspiration from Ayn Rand and Indian Philosophy, Renee grew up learning Sanskrit chanting, hymns in Church and singing Shabads of Guru Nanak. Whereas, the other side of her was often playing the guitar, emulating the Beatles, singing Neil Young, riding the motorcycle to college, and driving fast cars.

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