Blooming roses in the rain


Urban Mélange chats up with the region’s first woman entrepreneur who sits at the helm of a promising real-estate empire that once blossomed, will add charisma to the region’s identity

Rosy Singla is driven, spiritual, humble, glamourous, and very magnetic – she lends a fresh perspective to the regional real estate industry, which is often regarded as one of the largest in India. As an entrepreneur, Rosy is a trendsetter in that her company is the first one to see a woman leading the charge keeping in mind the type and scale of her projects. A soft spoken, spiritual realist, Rosy is completely unlike the vast set of entrepreneurial builders that seem to be making up the industry in the region.

Her radiant smile is welcoming and her sparkling persona makes conversations highly engaging and stimulating. Made up of exceptionally singular experiences and an astonishingly well-read mind, Rosy’s natural demeanour is unwittingly calm but her astute mind is an ocean of interesting anecdotes that have helped her reach where she is. Her entrepreneurial spirit is a natural gift that she inherited from her own father, whose manufacturing facilities she singlehandedly managed without supervision from an early age as his health suddenly deteriorated. Her unrelenting passion to build has her envisioning visual landmarks of architectural splendour across the PR-7 highway in Zirakpur. But her tryst with real-estate began long before she decided to show her face to the industry – her husband, a known face in the region as a prominent land bank owner has been gracefully guided by Rosy. In fact, his profitable acquisitions can be credited to Rosy as he she has contributed not just suggestively, but also subjectively thanks to her skills in management, liaisoning, and accounting amongst other avenues.

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