“Everyone is an artist!”

Amritsar-based painter, Rumeet Bains shares with us her love for myriad hues.

By: Bhavya Gaind

Take us through your journey as a painter. Is this something that you always wanted to do?

Everyone is an artist. It’s just that, the way we express ourselves is different. I love the arts: the colours and the music. I have always been in love with colours, and painting came naturally. I have always loved dynamic images, images that say something. To me, art was not only about expressing what’s on the inside, but it was also an expression of my connection with this world. It was an interpretation of what I see and feel all around me, good, bad or ugly. This world has so much to offer! Through this understanding of my congruence with this world, my inner expression too would find meaning; it was this that I wanted to capture in colours on my canvas. Thus, I continued painting anything I saw and felt drawn to such as, old bent gnarly trees, the last rays of the sun saying goodbye, a girl walking alone with an umbrella in the rain.

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