Lifting people’s confidence with hair transplant

A  fully committed young hair transplant physician, Dr. Akanxa Bhatti has been practicing for the past two years and has done over 650 FUE hair transplant cases independently. An avid reader and a traveler, she talks to Urban Melange about her noble vision and how she is dedicating herself to turning her dreams into reality.

Darling Buds Clinic is a premier hair transplant clinic now located in New Mohali. Darling Buds has a global presence and is owned by Dr. Tejinder Bhatti. Established in 2009, It has the enviable distinction of being the first hair transplant clinic in Chandigarh.

Dr. Akanxa Bhatti today manages the low-cost off-shoot of this clinic, the 5 Rivers Clinic. With a passion to make hair transplant an affordable treatment for all, Dr. Akanxa Bhatti talks about her deep-rooted love for Punjab, “Punjab is the land of my ancestors. Both my parents are ex-army doctors. Due to my parents’ service compulsion, I was compelled to study mostly outside of Punjab. However, I have a strong bond with Punjab. I remember traveling to Punjab from Pune by train every year during winters and being extremely excited to wear sweaters that my doting Dadi used to fondly knit for me with all her love. Memories of visiting the local Gurudwara with grandparents, bedecked in Punjabi suit and embellishments, lazing in bed next to my grandmothers, listening to the stories they narrated, sitting outside in the sun with cousins after a head bath while sipping a hot cup of tea during winters, plucking tomatoes in my Nani’s ‘khet’ and diving into the pool of water spurting out from the ‘bambi’ are some of the fondest memories I cherish.”

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