Making your wardrobe glamorous Rose Creations

Her love for distinctive and exclusive fashion is what made her start her brand, Rose Creations. Supriya Jain had set her goal to design and create exquisite fashion under her label. With over 15 years of experience, it is all about her personal understanding of fashion and style statement which makes each and every piece of hers special. In a conversation with Urban Melange, she talks about her philosophy and how one should strike the right balance between elegance and glamour.

Tell us about your brand and your connection with Punjab.

The name of my brand is inspired by the beauty of the lady rose who was on board in Titanic. Her elegance and her glamour are what we have tried to depict with our brand with a touch of Indian traditions. The concept of my brand revolves around the beauty strength and survival of women. We make sure to make a woman feel even more confident and strong when she wears our exquisite collection.

What is that one thing about Punjab that you would miss if you shifted to another state/country?

I don’t plan to shift to another city, leave alone shifting to a country. I love my country to the core and don’t see myself living in another place. When it comes to Punjab, it is all about the feeling of being home and comfortable. I don’t see myself shifting base to anywhere else.

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