Leaving a unique lasting impression with OOAK

A 24-year-old entrepreneur, Nikita Dumbani, founder, One of a Kind, with her love for different fragrances plans to change the way the perfume industry works. Her idea to give everyone their own unique fragrance has struck a chord with various perfume lovers, and OOAK is ready to experiment with all kinds of different notes, as they believe that their customer is the ultimate designer.

Q. How important is it for someone to wear a good fragrance in today’s time?

The most obvious fact when considering the importance of wearing perfume is to keep unpleasant body odors at bay and make sure you smell fresh throughout the day. Your perfume makes you attractive. The sense of smell is one of the most important of the five senses. Your fragrance will be the first impression of you as you enter a place, and the lasting impression when you leave. Perfumes have a vast amount of pheromones and can make you attractive to people, ensuring the above-mentioned first impression and lasting impression be a pleasant and memorable one.

Q. How can one decide upon their unique aroma?

Each and every person on this planet is unique in their own way. So are their personalities, attributes, and attitudes. And so is their body chemistry. No two people have the exact same body chemistry. Selecting a perfume that goes hand in hand with your body chemistry and your personality and mood is vital when aiming for a special and unique aroma impression. Firstly, decide which price range is most comfortable for you since perfume is a luxury item. Then choose a perfume concentration depending on your lifestyle and how long you will need it to last, e.g., Eau de cologne, Eau de toilette, or Eau de parfum.

Q. What is One of a kind all about? What is so special about personalized fragrances?

One Of A Kind (OOAK) is a customized fragrance house based out of Mumbai that focuses on offering personalized perfumes to its customers. OOAK focuses on incarnating each fragrance to one’s own taste and preferences because every individual responds to a unique aroma. At OOAK, every customer’s personal choices are understood and deeply evaluated to be able to give them what they believe frenzies their senses. From floral notes to rusty and earthy aromas, OOAK is a one-stop-shop for all your personalized fragrance needs. With personalized fragrances now, you can also make someone feel special by giving them their choice of fragrance. A gift that will always keep you on their mind. PS. You can name it anything under the sun.

Q. What was your inspiration behind starting this brand?

The biggest inspiration behind starting this brand would be my own perfume collection, we all love collecting perfumes, don’t we? I was always very keen on knowing how one creates a perfume that can make someone smell so good. I started off with trying DIY perfume-making then I realized how the sky is the limit while creating perfumes and till now I keep experimenting with different notes because every aroma is unique.

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