“It’s time for us to understand our Skin-Quotient”

When it comes to skincare, it becomes very hard to decide the right product because of the abundance of international options available. It is always best to choose something that is specifically designed for your skin type. This is what SkinQ Indian Skin Care is all about. Dr. Chytra Anand, founder, SkinQ Indian Skin Care, in conversation with Nikita Agarwal talks about her vision behind the brand and how it can benefit people in India.

Q.1 What inspired you to enter the skincare industry?

Being a dermatologist in India for over 15 years, I noticed the rise of the skincare industry over some time and with my experience of formulating for various companies. I kept looking at labels, reading labels and realized that many of the products available to Indian customers were never customized or personalized for Indian skin.

Q.2 Tell us about SkinQ? What was your vision behind starting this brand?

A common comment I have heard repeatedly is, ‘as soon as I stop using the products, my skin goes back to the way it was.’ This made me realize that I need to launch a skincare brand customized for Indian skin to solve the common problems that Indians face. Hence, I founded Skin Q. It’s about understanding your skin quotients, like how we know our IQ and EQ. It’s time for Indians to understand their SQ. The vision is about creating a science and evidence-based beauty brand customized for the specificities of Indian skin to deal with pigmentation or acne or skin sensitivity, dryness, dehydration, etc., with top-quality actives.

Q.3 What are those 5 skincare essentials that you swear by?

The first is to know and understand your skin and its skin type. Also, to see that skin changes its dynamic; it’s not a constant what you have today will be different in the next three months, and you must meet the needs of the skin as it changes, which means you should be ready to change your routine as required and not stick to the same routine for the rest of your life. Specially for Indian women, the skin changes, the quality changes, the texture changes, the skin tightness changes especially with hormone changes between 35 to 55, and we need to listen to this and understand our skin that’s what Skin Q or Skin Quotient is all about.

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