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Ladakh– A Bewildering Creation of Nature!


Ladakh – the very name evokes images of awesome Himalayan peaks standing like sentinels, century’s old Buddhist Gompas perched on picturesque hilltops that reverberate` with ancient spiritual energy and of hostile , barren cold desert like landscape. Wow! From ancient times, travellers have designated Ladakh to be the “Root of the World”.            

Ladakh indeed is a gorgeous creation of nature and for century’s together has remained in splendid isolation, which literally means that it has remained virgin and escaped the marauding crowds of visitors. The quality of tourist experience depends one hell of a lot on the quality of natural and ecological environment of a destination and on this count Ladakh definitely offers a pristine, uncommercialized and majestic Trans Himalayan experience unlike anywhere else on earth.  

Ever since this little speck of paradise opened up for tourism way back in 1974, Ladakh has beautifully metamorphosed to being the capital of India’s Ultra Adventure Tourism. From high altitude trekking to mountain biking and ice hockey to riding on the world’s highest motorable road(5359 m), Ladakh does offer travellers with one whale of an experience.


Ladakh is the nerve centre of Buddhism and needless to say monasteries abound in this Trans Himalayan territory. To the outside world Ladakh’s monasteries are an enigma. Thiksy Monastery, Hemis Gompa, Achi Monastery, The Lamyuru Monastery, Diskit Gompa etc…

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