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Destination wedding in paradise with Jumeirah Bali

Looking for a destination for your honeymoon or to plan your destination wedding? Head on straight to Jumeirah Bali to make everlasting memories with your love and enjoy an experience like never-before. With the hospitality of Jumeirah and the beauty of Bali, one is bound to have an unforgettable experience.

Jumeirah Group, the global luxury hospitality company has expanded its international portfolio with the debut of its first stunning, contemporary resort in Indonesia – Jumeirah Bali. The breath-raking views of Bali have always been known for its beauty and is referred to as the last paradise on earth. This is a perfect destination for wedding sand honeymoon and now with the new property of Jumeirah Group, you need not think further.

Couples can experience tropical romance of Bali with spiritual tete-a-tete sessions, gourmet experiences and indigenous spa treatments. On arrival at the property, you will enter an enchanted garden with a 120-year-old red Bodhi tree greeting them like a benevolent spirit and protector. A powerful spiritual symbol in the Majapahit era, the Bodhi tree was known as the “tree of awakening” and traditionally planted at the entrance to royal dwellings and religious sites.

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