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It’s Time to Shop ‘Around The Clock’

Hailing from a family of entrepreneurs, Varun Batra, owner, Peddlers, Amritsar, introduced the ‘pub’ culture in the city. He has now launched another marvel for the city of Amritsar, by the name, Around The Clock. This grocery + café is a store of its own kind for the people of the city who now don’t need to worry about their grocery requirements. In conversation with Nikita Agarwal, he talks about his journey as a restaurateur and how he plans to take it ahead.

Q. How has the journey been, so far? What were some major challenges that you had to encounter?

It has been over six years down the lane now, and the journey has been nothing less than exciting and thrilling.  The journey was not completely a bed of roses, since there were many challenges that I had to encounter such as, ‘will the public accept the nightlife culture?’, ‘for building a successful team, what all promotions could be done?’ etc. However, by the grace of God and our dedicated teamwork, everything fell into place. Our customers are thoroughly enjoying the concept of live bands and are relishing the delectable food.

Q. Tell us more about Peddlers? What makes it different from the rest in the industry?

It’s a unique Pub where people come to have their drinks and enjoy the live bands. Peddlers is way different from the rest of the clubs, as we have a different live band for each day of the week. We have also started with stand-up comedy shows thrice a month and occasional star night events which are being loved by our customers. Not only this, but we also serve an exclusive menu for food and drinks which proves to be a cherry on the cake.

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