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‘I believe in being a perfectionist’

Sindhi Sweets

Started by her grandfather, Chugga Lal Bajaj in the year 1976, Sindhi Sweets was later joined by her father Krishan Bajaj. Priyanka Bajaj, Managing Partner, Sindhi Sweets and Founder, Wraps N Ribbons is now taking her family legacy forward along with her father. Taking the brand ahead with time and adding the necessary advancements along with keeping the traditional aesthetic intact, Priyanka says that creating soothes her soul. In conversation with Nikita Agarwal, she talks about how she joined the business and her plan ahead.

Q. Tell us about your journey as an entrepreneur. Did you always aspire to have your own business?

I started working at a very young age, it all started when I visited my dad at work and I was simply awestruck by the energy surrounding Sindhi Sweets. It was what you may call an organized chaos and to me as a teenager, it looked like magic, and I wanted to be a part of it. The next day I started working with my dad assisting and learning. I still had my studies which took at least half of my day but the rest of the time I worked at Sindhi sweets which was then a single shop and restaurant. I knew business was my passion, creating soothed my soul, it was my true calling. So to answer your question yes, I always aspired to have my own business so I started my own brand Wraps n Ribbons which plays an important role to my already existing business Sindhi sweets. This year actually marks twenty five years of me working and creating, doing what I love.

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