‘I am still learning and have miles to go’ 

With strong opinions and thoughts to do something better for society, Abhay Singh Dhillon believes that a person can bring a change, irrespective of any position. With his father into the business and his uncle into politics, he has to cater to high expectations from his family and is all ready to make his mark in society. In conversation with Urban Melange,  he talks about his future plans and Punjab. 

One thing you plan to change in Punjab one day? 

The education system.
We have the most inquisitive young kids but once they’re in school and they pass out as graduates I come across people who are no longer interested to learn or pondering over their future. Something really wrong happens in between those crucial years and I believe that is one reason youngsters are literally fleeing the country. If we change the education and healthcare system of our state we can quite literally change the way people live their lives.  

According to you, what is the most difficult part of being a leader? 

For me, it is building consensus, and  India is a land of elections. Leaders might find themselves hounded by too many elections which sometimes takes the focus off of governing and development. 
Also avoiding favoritism and prejudice, being surrounded by a diverse group of people is something which is very important to do yet equally difficult to maintain. 

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