‘Choose a bright future & better government’

Kulwant Singh

A prudent and wise decision-maker, for whom ministering to the needs of people stands at the utmost priority, Kulwant Singh of Aam Admi Party pleads not just for himself but for the amelioration of the entire constituency by choosing him to serve as the MLA of Mohali in the upcoming Vidhan Sabha Elections.

Q. You are from the family of an army man, what made you enter politics.

With no one from my family ever being a part of politics or business, I had an aim. An aim to serve people. Seeing poverty and its consequences first hand, my sight was always set on serving good to people. That’s how politics happened and changed the world for me.

Q. You were the first mayor of Mohali, how according to you the city has developed from then till now?

The switch in the condition of Mohali began the moment I was honored as the Mayor. Cleaning Machines of the metropolis were introduced for cleaning the city furthermore this technique was later adapted by Chandigarh for the same reason. From LED streetlights, gas pipelines, open-air gyms, libraries to bus services, public parks, school rooms, bathrooms, and a truckload of other facilities were amplified thereafter.

Q. Tell us about your political journey till now?

My journey begins all the way back as a counselor in 1995 and later the president of Mohali council in 2000 to joining Lok Sabha elections in 2014. After working incessantly and with true honesty for 25 years and witnessing all sorts of struggles, my journey brings me here today to stand by the people of the nation and serve them to my full capacity as a candidate of the Aam Admi Party for the Vidhan Sabha Elections 2022.

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