‘Education & Healthcare are my no. 1 priorities’

Spreading smiles all around, Hardeep Singh Dimpy Dhillon plans to make Gidderbaha one of the most developed areas of Punjab. He holds the blue turban of Shiromani Akali Dal high in his heart and wishes to continue his selfless work for his people with more energy and commitment.

Q.1 You are contesting as a SAD candidate from Gidderbaha in the upcoming Punjab Assembly elections 2022. What are your plans?

I have been available for the seva of my people for the past 10 years, I have always held the virtues of service and humility very highly and I plan on materializing my vision for Gidderbaha so that it can be one of the most developed areas of Punjab. This election is merely a way for me to make a bigger difference and engross myself in changing Gidderbaha.

Q.2 What are some of the biggest political issues that concern you today?

Unemployment, rampant corruption, and unavailability of basic healthcare and education. Unfortunately, the ruling party and their leaders are hands in glove with certain elements holding back the development of our area. I plan on changing this entirely, Education and Healthcare facilities are my number one priorities followed by providing employment in addition to implementing our party’s 13 point agenda drafted by S.Sukhbir Singh Ji Badal.

Q.3 Why Akali Dal and not any other party. Reasons you’ve stuck with this party while many of your colleagues have switched the wagon?

Shiromani Akali Dal is India’s oldest party and is an organization that has given birth to countless morcha’s and martyrs. Ours is a party that has stuck to its Punjabi roots and has always had the interest of every Punjabi at its heart. I am a born Akali, and nothing could separate me from my blue turban. As for my colleagues, people might come and go but one should have their ideologies and priorities straight after that it does not matter which party you are in, one focuses on their people more than the political advances to be made.

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