‘Her confidence is her inspiration’

With a thought to uplift rural women and give them a chance to be on a professional journey, Dr. Shaloo Chopra, Founder, and President, of the Sri Krishna Educational Society is all set to overcome her challenges on the way.

Dr. Shaloo Chopra, Founder, and President, of the Sri Krishna Educational Society (SKES), always wanted to have a strong professional life along with maintaining her personal life. But, for women, things don’t always work out the way they want. Talking about how her entrepreneurial journey began, she says, “right after graduation, my journey started as a wife, a mother and then again as a student in 2004. After the completion of my MBA, I wanted to test the waters and venture out for work. But I met with resistance from family. The only option given to me was to be my own boss. I worked hard against heavy odds to turn my vision into reality, into self-expression with harmonious family relationships.

An entrepreneur not just works for herself or himself, but there is an army of people behind him/her that he needs to guide and take forward. She says that confidence in the future inspires her every day, adding on to the same, she says, “the certainty that comes when someone gives their best and total involvement, when we are in a position to make a difference when one’s ready to leave their comfort zone, the only outcome is a success. I wake up every day feeling thankful for the trust, respect, and inspiration that I receive from the significant and permanent outcomes in the lives of people associated with us.”

Her vision behind her brand, SKES was not like that of any other entrepreneur, she had a noble thought, sharing the same, she says, “my vision for SKES has been that profit should not be the aim, rather a result, an outcome of an ecosystem within the organization which takes into account various aspects, be they spiritual, material financial and of course human.”

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