Fashion designer turned Administrator.

A thriving fashion designer turned administrator of Preet hospital, Raminder Grover, a self-effacing social worker unfolds the engrossing tales of her life.


  • What made you shift from being a fashion designer to an administrator? How has your journey been till now?

A rollercoaster ride as I would like to call it; my journey began with being a fashion designer and running a successful clothing boutique in the town for over fifteen years. After being showered with love in this field it was time, I made the gentle but quite a profound shift to being an administrator. My strong will behind this shift was to join hands with my husband and to help him in his hospital; Preet Hospital. 

  • Why did you decide to quit being a fashion designer?

Once you’re a fashion designer, it becomes a part of you and you never really quit being a designer. My ventures were explored, my paths became wider, and I knew exactly when to move forward to aid my husband in his hospital and not exactly quit. My designing team and associates are still in regular contact with me. My passion for fashion has not wavered nor will it ever subside.

  • Tell us about Preet Vocational School, what was your vision behind it when you began?

A project very close to my heart; the Preet vocational school came into existence sometime after I joined the hospital and witnessed how an ample number of patients were unable to fund their treatments. It was that very lightening moment when I decided to help the women of our society in being financially independent by providing them training in sewing and beautician courses and later placing them in successful boutiques and salons in the city. This keeps me close to my passion for fashion and aids the young girls in helping their families financially.

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