‘Excellent communication is the key to good leadership’

She never planned to be an entrepreneur, but life gave her such opportunities that this is now her passion, and she dedicates herself completely to it. Shikha from Aren Jewellers tells Urban Melange about her journey and how she is a proud woman entrepreneur.

Grace and craftsmanship are what Aren Jewellers are all about and they make sure that their brides shine bright with their jewels. Shikha from Aren Jewellers tells us how she fits perfectly with the brand after getting married, “coming from an Economics background my passion for jewellery design intensified after getting married. My in-laws have been running Aren Jewellers for ages and the in-depth knowledge about making and manufacturing jewellery has been my inspiration to stand as who I’m today. Besides, the factory visits with my husband and the International Exhibition that I attended were the source of my inspiration and ignited my passion.”

She puts her heart and soul into designing for the brand and that shows very well in how she is taking it to the next level. “Educating my clients about varied samples of jewellery and gems gives me immense joy. Moreover, selling my creation curated with massive dedication is something worth sweating hard for,” says Shikha.

Aren Jewellers works with the vision to give worldwide recognition to the ethnic and stunning Kundan and Polki designs of Jaipur. And with this idea, they recently established a new store in New Jersey. It is her leadership skills that made her the perfect fit for the business. Sharing some qualities that a leader must have, she says, “a leader should be hardworking and have enough vigour to keep his team motivated. He should be confident enough to ensure that others follow your commands. Excellent communication is the key to good leadership. Effective communication will engage the customers and increase the extent of family-like clients. While confidence matters, Humility is also important to create a lovable persona.”

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