‘Hair restoration is a rapidly advancing field’

With their policy of ‘One Doctor, One Patient, One Clinic’, Darling Buds Clinic makes sure to give the required attention and best service to each and every client of theirs. Akanxa Bhatti talks about what she loves the most about her profession and makes sure that every patient receives the best treatment.

Q. Hair transplant is a vast area of study, how do you plan to personalize the experience for every patient?

Circumstances vary from case to case. Some have a limited donor supply, and some have very good donor supply but aren’t eligible for a hair transplant just yet due to their age being lesser than 25 years. Baldness cannot be treated appropriately if the future objectives of the patient are not kept in mind. Afterall, it is not a life-saving procedure wherein the decision-making lies in the hands of the doctor. It is a cosmetic procedure. Hence, everything that bothers a patient needs to be listened to carefully. If there is an aspect of the patient’s expectations which seems unrealistic, irrational or unachievable, I prefer either refusing these patients to go ahead with the surgery or letting them know clearly what can be achieved and what is well-nigh impossible. A counselor staying in regular touch with the patient months before and after the surgery is essential. So is proper history taking by the doctor, listening to the patient, getting relevant lab tests done to ensure a safe procedure and above all doing no more than just one case a day, goes a long way to reassure the patient.

The patient pays after the procedure to make sure that what was promised was delivered. That qualified people only worked on him. Signed preparative, preoperative and postoperative records are handed over to the patient signed by the doctor who will do or has done the procedure. This ensures clinic compliance and accountability to the laws of the land.

Q. What is your favourite part about your profession?

Hair restoration is a rapidly advancing field with immense scope for research. This makes it an exciting and satisfying specialty. Seeing patients happy with their hair transplant results as well as seeing the change in their body language which showcases their boosted confidence, is what is very rewarding to a hair restoration surgeon.

Q. We heard about the new clinic in Mumbai. How do you plan to manage both clinics?

Yes, we have a new clinic in Andheri West, Mumbai which was inaugurated by Bollywood Superstar and MP, Raj Babbar. His son-in-law, Anup Soni, a noted actor in the famous TV serial, Crime Patrol was also present. Their presence made the auspicious occasion memorable.

We visit the clinic once a month for a week. When we are in Mumbai, the Chandigarh clinic remains closed and vice versa. The idea is to take complete responsibility of the patients and do procedures ourselves instead of appointing another person to carry out the same. We do not have any franchises.

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