Choosing the neglected field of medicine

A doctor must understand the need of the hour and seize the opportunity and serve that sector. Dr. Ravul Jindal did the same when he realized that there were not enough doctors treating the patients with vascular diseases. With an aim to take this sector forward and provide the best facilities to his patients he works everyday to see a smile on the patients who felt hopeless at a time. In conversation with Urban Melange he explains more about this and bursts some common misconceptions.

Q. When and how did you decide to become a vascular surgeon?

I was a trained gastroenterology surgeon. I saw that there are not many doctors to look after the patients who are suffering from a vascular disease somewhere in late 90s and then I decided that I must get trained in the super specialty and start up one of the first Vascular clinics in North India.

Q. Break some common myths or misconceptions that people have when it comes to vascular diseases.

There are a lot of misconceptions one of the most common one is that in India we have very few vascular diseases and of course this is not true, and we have similar incidents and prevalence as compared to the western world. Second major misconception is that most of these diseases cannot be corrected, and which is again not true, if the patient comes early, it can be treated very well.

Q. What has been the biggest challenge for you till now?

The biggest challenge has always been establishing the understanding about where the patient should go in the first instance as still patients come to us in the later stages where the treatment is difficult, and you get a poorer result. For example, if the patients with diabetic foot come directly and in an early stage to the right center then we can save their feet in more than 90% of the cases.

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