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Goodness of green or the boldness of black, which tea suits you best?

Tea drinking is not just a pastime for many, but also the highpoints of their day, a special moment they look forward to, a few minutes when one can sit back and de-clutter from the white noise of this mechanical world.

By Ekta Jain, founder and CMO of Octavius Tea

In the modern era of teas, we can enjoy our favourite beverage in a variety of flavours and iterations. But, as they say, with great choices come great confusions! One of the most hotly debated topics of recent times has been the comparison of green tea vis-à-vis black tea, and which one of them is better.

The case isn’t as black or white, or shall we say, black or green, as one makes it out to be. The choice of green tea and black tea actually depends on personal needs and taste as opposed to the often-misunderstood health benefits. In reality, both green tea as well as black tea boosts our wellness in more ways than one! It all comes to what we want from our tea that dictates the final decision.

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