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Let’s Relax Spa

While on a vacation in Bangkok, do not miss out on trying out the authentic Thai massage. With all the walking on the streets to exploring the adventure theme parks, its time for you to relax those sore muscles. Let’s Relax Spa, with their branches all around the city is the perfect place to relax yourself.

As the name suggests, this place is all about relaxing your mind, body and soul. With a mission of providing all their customers with an authentic Thai spa experience, they have been serving since more than 20 years. You will experience a completely different vibe, while entering any of their branches. The interiors of the spa are inspired by their local surroundings and neighborhood. You will see an entirely different look and feel of the spa in the northern part of the city to what you would experience in the Southern part of Bangkok. The experience of relaxation at a spa begins as soon as you enter through their door. To kickstart your journey of relaxing your mind, body and soul, Let’s Relax Spa serves a cold pandan drink to every guest before their massage.

One thing that remains the same in all the branches is the aroma of the outlets and the organic essential oil that they use in all the branches. The relaxing music played in the background has been exclusively composed for their spa, to add on to the soothing experience of the guests. The music takes you through the three seasons of Thailand. Each and every staff member of the spa has been professionally trained to meet and greet the guests and leave a lasting impression. The therapists at all the branches have an experience with modern training and hold a professional license for various kinds of massages. All the therapists are certified by Thailand’s Ministry of Health to make sure that you get an authentic experience. Their standardized techniques used for different kinds of massages are followed by every therapist, so that every client visiting Let’s Relax Spa should get the same experience, irrespective of which branch they are going to.

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