Get Hair-ready for v-day

Pamper your hair using moisturizer, washing with mild shampoo and applying conditioner

t’s only a few weeks to go for Valentine’s Day and a lot of you will be looking forward to this day with great excitement. Go all out for the special occasion, pamper yourself to look your most gorgeous best. Here are a few tips for that special day.

Oil is well
Pamper your hair with nourishing oils like Richfeel Jaborandi Oil and keep the oil overnight. Wash next day with a mild shampoo like Richfeel Arnica Shampoo. Repeat the process every week to keep hair nourished, shiny and damage free and in a glowing condition for that special occasion.

Style wisely
Say no to hair dryers/flat irons/curl irons. These hair styling instruments work on the principle of heat, which when used make your hair look dull and dry after a while. Instead, use the cool setting of the dryer which may take longer to dry but it would retain the moisture. Choose wooden hair brushes or combs instead of plastic. This is to fight the static hair caused by absence of moisture.

Treat your hair
For those of you who have dull, frizzy and damaged hair, you can pamper those tresses with Richfeel’s Hydrotherapy treatment which will reduce the damage of chemicals and treatments on your hair and give it that rich glow and sheen especially for the occasion.

Keep hydrating yourself
For those of you who are constantly exposed to the sun, carry a scarf with you always, to protect yourself from heat and dust. Always carry a bottle of water with you to hydrate yourself constantly. This will work wonders for your skin as well as your hair.
Moisturise, Wash, Condition – the three step mantra to always follow
As mentioned above, always moisturize your hair before you wash it. By that I mean give it a good oil rub, or apply a natural head mask of eggs or curd or even papaya, to give it that added boost and energy. Always use a mild shampoo to wash your hair, especially if you do it regularly, and finally, condition it well with a mild hair conditioner.

After V-Day
A lot of you will style your hair and use chemicals like sprays, heat treatments like perms and more. After the event, you are going to need to give your hair some rest. So after Valentine’s Day, make sure that you follow the three step process mentioned above for your hair and give it good pampering.

It’s love that drives everyone and it’s a bit of love and care which will also maintain your crowning glory. Have a lovely Valentine’s Day!

Do we need to take extra care of our skin during winter, rainy and foggy days?
Of course. When your hair is dehydrated, it ends up absorbing moisture more quickly. The drier your hair gets, the more difficult it becomes to treat frizzy hair. Make sure you condition your hair at least thrice a week if you don’t want your hair to look like a bird’s nest.

How often should one wash hair during winter?
Hair washing depends on your lifestyle and how much you will sweat. For someone who is very active and sweats a lot, washing hair twice a week with a mild shampoo is recommended even in winters. If your hair gets dry because of the cold weather, oil and then wash.

How to prevent foot cracks during winters?
To avoid cracked heels, apply foot cream on feet during the night and wear socks, keep yourself hydrated at all times and avoid wearing open shoes. For cracked feet, use rose water and glycerine solution to make your feet soft. Give the feet warm baths and gently exfoliate the cracks with the help of a pumice stone.