Fitness hacks for lazy girls

Regular exercise, nutritious food including fish and soup, can help you stay fit during winters

Thanks to an ultra-competitive world, girls hardly get to complete their much essential beauty sleep, forget maintaining their figure or taking care of their diet. And then there are some girls who love a “sit at home and work” culture wherein they take their health for granted. Here are some hacks with which women of all ages can adopt a fitter lifestyle:

• Replace normal drinking water with lemon-cucumber-mint water.
• Replace fried fish and chips with grilled fish and salad.
• Dancing is a fun way of keeping fit and happy.
• Take small walks within your home, fetching that glass of water or for opening the door.

Enlist a few exercises that can be easily done at home
Though there can be no shortcuts to being healthy, one can easily use hacks to ensure being healthy without much effort. Along with proper intake of diet, it is essential to burn out the excess calories from our body for which we must work out or exercise. Here are some tips which can help us exercise at home:

Stretch: Stretching helps in relaxing our muscles and cartilages, elongates our spinal cord and helps in easing pain in our muscle and bone joints. There are lot of different practices in stretching like simple yoga, power yoga, iron yoga, gladiator yoga etc.

Walk and climbing: The best cardio workout to increase your cardio vascular endurance and heart health. Nothing benefits the body like walking. Take stairs, walk out short distances to the grocer or mall.

Squats and push-ups: There is a variety of body weight exercises which you can perform in any corner of your home. These help re-energise our body muscles and can be easily done at home.