Coping with the chill

Regular exercise, eating in moderation with a fair dose of vitamin C and use of moisturisers would ensure good health and glowing skin

As we move into winter one needs to make a few changes. Dry skin problem can be countered by a good moisturiser twice a day. If it is extremely cold, then go in for a cream instead of a moisturiser. Do this straight after a bath as the hot water of your bath ensures open pores, which will absorb the moisturiser or cream exceptionally well. Also apply moisturiser or cream before sleeping at night. Use a good chap stick 3–4 times a day. Moisturise your feet at night before you call it a day so that you don’t end up with the discomfort of dry, cracked heels.

Dress to cover all body parts to keep warm. If it is extremely cold — or not that cold but windy — you don’t forget to keep the head, ears and neck covered. Dressing in layers is always smart. That way you can take a layer on or off depending on whether it’s a bit warm or a tad bit cold.

Consume more Vitamin C when it is colder to ensure you don’t come down with the flu. Citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C. You may even get it in through the tablet form. Consult your physician with regard to this though. Drink more water to keep the skin well hydrated from inside out. Avoid consuming cooling foods during the winter. Stick to the heated sort of foods. Eat physically warm foods as opposed to cold foods. Soups and warm beverages should be consumed more often, and cold beers and iced teas avoided, for instance.

Your fitness regime may go for a toss if you were engaging in outdoor activities such as a walk in the park, skating or football. Switch over to indoor activities instead. Join a local gym or an aerobic or cardio class. And lastly for the really good news… Winter is great for the hair. Enjoy super texture, great fall and fabulous hair days! If you’re prone to dandruff, however, winter tends to aggravate it. Drinking more water and keeping your head warm and covered when you are outdoors will greatly help though.