‘Gender Discrimination is still prevalent’

Making her mark as an entrepreneur, Nikky Gupta, Co-founder & Director, Teamwork Communications Group is the perfect example of a mompreneur who very well juggles and balances between her enterprise and her kids. In conversation with Urban Melange she shares her thoughts as an entrepreneur and some tips for fellow mompreneurs.

Q. Tell us about your journey as an entrepreneur?

I am a Delhi-based entrepreneur, a communications strategist, a health advocate and a mother of two beautiful children. At 38, I have successfully co-founded two organizations — Teamwork Communications Group and Integrated Health & Wellbeing council. While the former is a public relations and communications agency that has already clocked 12 years in business, the latter is a healthcare advocacy organization. 

Q. What are those 5 qualities that a leader must have?

The emotional intelligence of a leader should always be a priority. Leaders who seek to improve this trait are more adaptable, resilient, and receptive to criticism. They’re also good listeners who are willing to try new things. Good leaders adjust to whether or not a person or a group is ready, willing, or capable of taking specified action. When making strategic business decisions, they must evaluate both internal and external considerations, such as product roadmaps and workforce requirements. Strong leaders think about the ethical implications of their decisions for their customers as well as their teams. They can communicate effectively with individuals, business units, the firm as a whole, and external stakeholders. Leaders must recognize and respect multiple communication traditions in an increasingly global industry.

Q. What has been the biggest challenge for you till now?

From a young PR professional to the entrepreneur of a fledgling organization, the journey has been quite eventful. One of the most significant things I have learnt is that in this highly dynamic field, you cannot survive unless you constantly improvise and evolve with time. When you set about establishing your own business, challenges are bound to come. Though I come from a business family, I was the first woman in my household to step out and venture into entrepreneurship. Not many people expected me to succeed the way I did. Being a young team in our initial days meant surmounting the perceptional challenge about the experience (or the lack of it) to prospective clients. Apart from this, there were practical challenges such as a lack of funds and resources. Since we bootstrapped our business, cash was always a concern. However, we learned to manage our resources efficiently and productively.

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