‘Baking is now seen as an art form’

Getting the latest trends of cakes and bakes to the city, Aanchal Punchhi, the name behind De Chokcolat is a self-taught baker left her job as a clinical psychologist behind to pursue her passion. In conversation with Urban Melange, Aanchal talks about her love for desserts and painting and how that together brought her to be a baker.

Q. Why did you choose to become a professional baker?

I have been passionate about baking since the tender age, I used to love making desserts and try something new each day. After working in a hospital set up as a clinical psychologist, I felt that keeping my mind healthy is really an important aspect while selecting a job. Somehow, I never wanted to sit behind a computer screen or on a desk, rather wanted to be on my feet keeping my mind active all the time. Since I was creative and was into painting, I thought of utilizing my creative juices with baking.

Q. What was your vision when you started with your brand?

I started with personalized handcrafted chocolates which made a way to wedding favours. I was one of the few in the city who was providing Belgian chocolates 8 years ago. They were loved by everyone, after almost 8 months of my tiny start up people started demanding other bakery products which made me expand my menu.

Q. What is your personal all-time favorite dessert?

Without a doubt it has to be baked New-York cheesecake

Q. What has been your biggest challenge till now?

As a baker you work on all stages of production. There is never a dull moment in baking, there are always new challenges to encounter… the pressure is always there to create outstanding cakes as there are people relying on you to be the best. It always keeps you on your toes. The industry has changed massively in recent years. Baking is now seen as an art form. So, the biggest challenge is to keep up to the market and adapt to the fast-changing trends.

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