Cover Story

Finesse in every stroke

An acclaimed makeup artist, an eminent personality for his followers and a trailblazer in many facets; Shahid Naar, a brand on his own is here to make a cut above the rest when high quality, better artistry and unmatched experience is at stake.

By: Rubika Bede

What made you become a makeup artist?

My endearment for art and craft in general made me bend my interest into becoming a makeup artist over time. Since childhood I aced at anything that included painting, art and craft as activities. Few years past the line I became a mehndi artist holding the same interest in mind and sly took my path towards becoming a makeup artist and making dreams come alive for bride’s special days.

Tell us something about your journey and your brand.

Hard work, perseverance, consistency and high quality defines my brand and journey all the same time. They say with great power comes bigger responsibilities, I feel the duty is always on my shoulders to not only make the bride feel ravishing and stunning but also to make her feel comfortable, confident and powerful on the day she’s been dreaming about since her childhood. That itself speaks wonders about SHAHID NAAR, the brand.

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