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‘Fashion to me is an extension of my personality’

Living in a country which is not your birthplace,  and making a mark for yourself is a challenge in itself. Anita Kaul, fashion blogger fell in love at first sight with Thailand when she came for her honeymoon. In conversation with Urban Melange, she talks about fashion, luxury and more.

How is living in Bangkok different from that in India?

First it is not our native place or country of origin, we live a life of an expatriate and have more respect and recognition as compared to staying in our own country.

Bangkok has a lively cosmopolitan vibe and a great infrastructure compared to India. It is more cleaner. A country is always comprised of its native people and their mind set. The local Thai people of Bangkok practice Buddhism, are very warm and down to earth. There is a positive and a very friendly vibe all around the city which is very refreshing. A regulated traffic with no car honking and short travel distances around the city to commute makes life very easy and comfortable.

Why did you decide to shift to Bangkok?

I came with my husband to this beautiful city on my honeymoon and fell in love with the city of angels and decided to make this city my home.

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