Dealing with Pesky Pimples on the Chin and Around the Mouth?

Pimples are one of the most common skin conditions. Actually, oily skin is prone to pimples. Therefore, an oily skin needs to be looked after, especially if it is prone to blackheads. Avoid neglecting blackheads, as they can irritate the surrounding tissues of the skin, resulting in inflammation. This sets the stage for pimples and gradually leads to an acne condition. Ensure that hair and scalp are kept scrupulously clean. If the scalp is oily, or if there is dandruff, it can also lead to pimples.  

Both oily and combination skin are prone to pimples. In oily skins, the oil-producing glands are over active. This is more so in hot and humid weather. They are prone to open pores, blackheads, spots, pimples and acne. In combination skins, the T-zone is oily, while the rest of the face may be clear. The T-zone includes the forehead, nose and chin. Therefore, the chin can be prone to pimples, which can even spread around the mouth. In oily skins too, the forehead, chin and nose are more oily and therefore prone to pimples. The pimples can spread from the chin to around the mouth and the area above the upper lip.

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