Blending Tradition with Modern Designs: Retaining Indian Art

How one can retain Indian traditional art while inculcating modern designs

By Vasisht Rajani, Industrial Designer

Bringing together the rich heritage of Indian traditional art and the sleek elegance of modern designs can result in a captivating fusion of aesthetics for your home decor. By skillfully combining traditional elements with contemporary touches, you can create a space that celebrates the cultural legacy of India while embracing the freshness and sophistication of modern design.

Here are some suggestions on how to retain Indian traditional art while inculcating modern designs in your home decor.

  1. Understand the Indian traditional art: Take the time to learn about the different types of art that have been practiced in India for a long time. Visiting museums and historical monuments around India or even buildings that have been declared as a heritage, would help us understand how Indian art tradition started and has evolved over time. India has multiple forms of art that were popular and helped create an impact on our lives today like paintings, sculptures, textiles, and pottery.

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