‘Compassion knows no bounds’

Step into the inspiring world of Pritika Singh, the compassionate CEO of Prayag Hospitals Group. With a heart that beats for healthcare and women’s rights, she has dedicated her life to building hospitals, empowering communities, and supporting acid attack victims. Join us as we delve into her remarkable journey, her vision for a brighter future, and the profound impact she has made in the lives of countless individuals.

How do you juggle your interest in healthcare and your work for women’s rights?

Healthcare and women’s rights are both important to me and to balance both of these I try to integrate women’s rights initiatives with the framework of Prayag Hospital which includes equal opportunities for female staff, prioritizing women’s health services, and actively supporting organizations working towards women’s empowerment.

What drives your passion for organizing free camps for acid attack victims and supporting their needs?

The struggles of acid attack victims are often overlooked by society. Witnessing their psychological, physical and emotional trauma has always moved me and inspired me to stand for them. And organizing free camps for acid attack victims is a way to provide them with medical attention, counselling, and support.

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