Curating Perfection

Harish Kumar Dua, Founder and Chairman, K.G. Exports talks about his trailblazing journey
Harish Kumar Dua laid the foundation stone of K.G. Exports with the vision to export garments without compromising in quality and ever since then, the brand has carved a niche in the garment exporting industry. K.G. Exports is reckoned to be an epitome of top-notch quality and classic fashion. So, we speak to the visionary entrepreneur to know more!

Tell us a little about yourself and your work at K.G. Exports? How did it start and how was the journey in making it what it is today?

I started my business all alone with great enthusiasm; of course with the grace of god and the blessings of my parents and family. After experimenting with different career options and trying my hands in so many fields, I finally settled as a garment exporter. I have always been an explorer and I am still exploring new opportunities in life. There were a lot of difficulties in life but nothing could ever stop me. I decided to make high-quality products and my only motive was to ensure ‘no compromise in quality’ to which K.G. Exports is still living up to.

What effect do the city and the state have on your business?
Punjab plays an important role in the industrial development of the country by ways of its contribution to export, employment generation and production. Ludhiana is the centre of excellence for garments and fashion.

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