In the Pursuit of Excellence

Dr Vivek Saggar is creating ripples of change with his unflinching passion and zeal towards dental care
A force to reckon with utmost knowledge and wisdom, Dr Vivek Saggar, Proprietor, Dental Care & Cure Centre City, Ludhiana sheds light on his journey of reaching the zenith of success.

What effect do the city and the state have on your practice?

 The positive part is the ‘Punjabi diaspora’ which comes to Punjab for their dental needs, from all over the world. This provides me with an opportunity to provide international level of dental care. However, the negative aspect is the air connectivity to my city Ludhiana, which impedes the growth of medical tourism, as non-Indian origin people find it really inconvenient to travel by road from Delhi.

Having more than 27 years of experience, you’ve been presented with the Punjab State Award. What challenges did you face in the pursuit of such recognition?

 A lot of discipline, hard work & dedication to my profession. In spite of reaching milestones always had to remain grounded to my ideals. In these modern times, maintaining the ethical practice is the biggest challenge for any true professional.

You have manifested the warm and vibrant Punjabi culture in your work and represented it with such grace. What do you think helped you become an influential and successful Punjabi professional?

 I believe my Punjabi heritage has an inherent nature and a lively spirit. I have always felt that “Assi kisi to ghat nahi!” The challenge to prove that you can be highly successful in your motherland always propelled me to achieve higher.

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