Curating magic with food

When there is someone who will take care of the food for the party, you get all stress-free and ready to enjoy. And if that food looks and tastes amazing at the same time, then what better than that? This is what Platters by Dhwani are all about. Dhwani Talwar gives her personal touch of magic to each and every platter she curates. In conversation with Urban Melange, she tells us about how it began.

Food that looks appetizing, tastes even better. Isn’t this true? And this is what made Dhwani Talwar start her brand, Platters by Dhwani. Talking about what inspired her to start this venture, she says, “My brand is a small business which I and my mom started almost a year ago! We always had a passion for cooking My love for food and art and decor started from my childhood I always looked up to my mom who used to do it every now n then, never even thought that our  passion for two very different things can be combined together and can become something big and amazing for me.”

From Mexican to Italian, she has a wide range of platters in her menu which includes a variety of salads, dips, tacos, and more. She curates special menus for the festive season and also can customize her platters for your celebrations and get-togethers. “Since we know festivals are a way to bring people closer and love for food does the same. I always want to create something that represents the festival and the culture and most importantly the love that is behind all that,” says Dhwani.

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