Making an effort towards sustainability: Woodshells

When someone develops a passion and dreams to create something with it, then it does not just stay a brand for them, it becomes a way of living. That is what Woodshells is all about to Kavya Gupta. In conversation with Urban Melange, she talks about how she learnt the craft and sustainability as a whole.

Tell us something about Woodshells.

Woodshells is a home decor brand steadily moving towards 100% sustainability by focusing on carving lamps out of natural materials like cotton, raw silk, banana fibre, wood and MS. The beauty and uniqueness of these lamps is the usage of more than one naturally extracted material in their production. With Modern, minimal and meaningful being our motto, our production, designing, sketching, and display happens under one roof. Experts at-home styling, follow us on Instagram for some tips and insights. The beginning of this winter season was also the beginning of Woodshells journey, and we announced the same with a special sale for our very special customers. At Woodshells we believe this is the beginning of a much-awaited transformation and we would like to invite the people of Tricity to be a part. You can either come and say hello to us in our physical store in Panchkula or browse our recently launched website.

What was your inspiration behind Woodshells?

Woodshells is not just a dream passion project, but a manifestation of the inspiration gathered from the crafty avenues of Pondicherry where I learned the extraction process of Banana fibre. The fact that this beautiful fibre could do so much was where I got the idea of making lamps out of natural fibres.

What is the biggest challenge that your industry is facing today?

Acceptance. Acceptance when it comes to sustainability as a concept and acceptance of the fact that sustainability comes at a price. A price that is regarded by my target audiences as unjustified and unreasonable. But what people do not understand is the sweat and hard work that goes behind the scenes of efforts made towards reducing the carbon footprint.

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