Valenica – Luxury in the heart of M3M Golf Estate

As beautiful as the surroundings, this single floor property in the M3M Golf Estate of Gurgaon oozes luxury from every corner. Believing in customizing every property as per the requirement and the comfort of the client, Design21 did a fabulous job with this three-bedroom home and took into consideration the lifestyle of their client while designing this house.

 While entering the house, one can’t miss out on admiring the ornamental idol of Sai Baba. The alcove is further adorned with blue-green accoutrements making the spectacular halo look like peacock’s feathers. Past the stunning alcove experience, one is welcomed into a large warm home that just exudes grandeur. The vast open space on entering the house works as the formal living and dining area which closely connects the informal living area. The walls and ceilings are adorned beautifully with unique pieces and accessories. The paintings are very thoughtfully chosen to add a splash of colour and a sense of calm to the whole space.

The most innovative and influential part of this project is the use of soft transition spaces. An existing wall here in the living area was dismantled and replaced with a floating TV wall. The floating TV wall effectively divides the living area into formal and informal spaces, still maintaining the effect of being an expansive open space. The artistically created bar area becomes an inviting yet relaxing setting making a more informal interaction space. The dynamic fireplace adds to the charm of the home, creating an inviting and warm interior area. The balcony area, leading from the living room, has been transformed into a beautiful sit-out area for evening get-togethers and lounging overlooking the M3M golf course. This space is designed to withstand any weather, and the colour scheme is kept vibrant and bright. The seating area also doubles up as a storage space, making it a piece of multidimensional furniture. The entire interior design focuses on interconnected spaces.

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