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Creating handcrafted wooden masterpieces

Wooden furniture has always been a classic and royal addition to any space, making it unique with their antique finishing and artworks, Woods by Jaskaran Deol has created a niche for themselves in this space. In conversation with Jaskaran Deol, we talk about his philosophy, and different elements of his brand.

When was the first time you realized that you wanted to be an entrepreneur?

When I lost my father to Cancer at an early age of 14, at that time his Real Estate business was at the peak so after his passing away, the responsibilities came on my shoulders overnight and I decided to carry his legacy forward. I had always seen my father working hard and dedicated towards his work and learning from this, I started working and learnt the nuances of the business on the way.

Tell us about your brand, Woods by Jaskaran Deol.

What defines our brand are the following features, firstly, we believe in delivering the finest Quality, and we deal in intricate hand work, the stunning antique look finishings and artwork on Tabletops is what makes us different from other brands. In all our products we use top of the line products from Raw wood to Patterned Veneers to deliver the highest quality product. For comfortable seating we use feather down cushions being imported directly by us.

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