Carrying the legacy forward from gold merchants to hospitality

Seeing his grandfather and her father, he always was inclined towards entrepreneurship. Jaspreet Singh Arora, Managing Director, JK Circle believes communication with the customers is one of the greatest assets for any entrepreneur. He makes sure to meet and greet his customers personally. In conversation with Urban Melange he talks about his journey and how he’s carrying his family legacy forward.

A peek into the business’s background, how many years has it been since you started your business? How did the idea for your business come about? How did you come up with its name?

Our company has been in service for past 25 years. I joined it in 2011. My grandfather was an established gold merchant however my father had different vision for his future. It was all about hospitality and everything linked to it. As in any new adventure, it was a struggle at first and then he made his mark. The name JK comes with a huge responsibility as it carries my brother’s and my initials. Hence, it’s my aim to multiply what our elders started. For instance, following our elders’ footsteps we have established two award winning restaurants namely VC and Cottage. Additionally, there are other progressive projects in pipeline nationally and internationally.

What was your key driving force to become an entrepreneur/to step into this business?

To impress I’d say I had the Dedication, Consistency and leadership qualities that are essential for an entrepreneur. Practically I’d say I had the right people/resources, being opportunistic and most importantly a clear vision to achieve, expand and deliver what was expected of me on time with perfection.

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