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With an approach in life to go with the flow, Saurabh Bajaj, the man behind RealFisCon Pvt. Ltd. Learnt the nuances of doing business from his father. He says that being patient has been his biggest learning over the years. In conversation with Urban Melange, he talks about various elements of his brand and his plan for the year 2023.

What were you like while growing up, how would your friends and family describe you?

Growing up, I was the naughtiest person in my class. I was always up to something be it pranking my classmates or just goofing around with the teachers. At the same time, I was also quite helpful and supportive of people around me. Being an extroverted introvert, I enjoy the company of my friends and near and dear ones but feel a little awkward around new people. But the prankster streak is still there, and I often leave my family in splits after doing something completely crazy.

when was the first time you realized that you wanted to be an entrepreneur?

My father had an outdoor advertising business and was always traveling for work, which intrigued me a lot as a kid. Funnily, I would prefer sitting in the office with him rather than playing with kids my age. I learnt the ropes of managing a big team from him. After completing my studies, I worked a few jobs in various fields just to gain experience and understand how the system works. I always had a bent towards sales and marketing and knew that this is what I wanted to do when I grow up.  

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