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Elevating Horsemanship at The Ranch

Elevating Horsemanship at The Ranch

A lawyer by profession, Gursher Badal, Founder, The Ranch took up entrepreneurship because of his love for horses. He says that being around these majestic animals is like a natural anti-depressant, and they teach true Horsemanship at The Ranch to everyone, from kids to adults. In conversation with Nikita Agarwal, he talks about his take on entrepreneurship and how he plans to promote the love for horses amongst people.

How would you define entrepreneurship in your own terms?

Entrepreneurship according to me is about taking responsibility for everything. When you are working for someone, or working in an organization, you always have some sort of a safety net. But being an entrepreneur is about taking responsibility for every little and big thing in the organization. When you are out in the deep waters, that is when you can make the most of it.

What was your vision when you started with The Ranch?

Being from a Punjabi family from the heartland, I have always seen horses around me while growing up, this is the reason why I have always been interested in horses since childhood. While we were working with Babbi Badal Foundation, I met these two young riders Deepinder Singh Brar and Hajrinder Singh Khosa who were very experienced in show jumping. When all of us like-minded people met and discussed, we decided to start The Ranch to promote horse riding and reinvigorate the sport in Punjab. We felt that people are forgetting their roots and they were going away from the sport of horse riding. Secondly, all of us wanted to give an opportunity to everyone to be involved in the sport. People had a perception that this sport is not accessible to everyone, so under Babbi Badal Foundation, we coupled up our efforts and brought this opportunity to lesser fortunate people. We also sponsor talented players who are good at the sport but can’t afford it. That is the vision all three of us had at The Ranch

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