Bringing global designs to your home

Adding shades of luxury to your interiors, MADS Creations has been in the industry since last 17 years. Meenu Agarwal, Founder & Interior Designer, MADS Creation talks to Urban Melange about her journey and her love for art and aesthetics.

Sometimes we just choose our professional path by chance, and when you enjoy it too, then there is nothing better than that. Similar is the story of Meenu Agarwal, Founder & Interior Designer, MADS Creation, talking about her journey, she says, “I was a successful artist with several shows to my credit, when I started designing and styling interiors for friends and relatives, it only grew, as people liked what I was doing. It was not a fully planned journey. It just took off, and I was enjoying it so much that I immersed myself fully into it, learning more and more along the way. My background in art, the extensive travels I undertook to explore the art, architecture and cultures of the world, informed me to explore more and be bold with my experiments. The inherent creativity, the eye for aesthetics and the craving to learn and work hard were the foundation of my career in design.”

She says that her passion for interiors and architecture comes from her love for art, design and beauty. She started off as an independent designer, and with consistent support from her clients and her family, she continued to work on her own and founded her company. “The USP is knowing our potential and passion for the work we do and doing it well each time with dedication with an intention to excel, sticking to the timelines, and following strong work ethics that always keep the client at the center,” she explains about her brand. “We aim to provide good after-sale services to our clients, and also expand our repertoire to include more unique projects that are challenging,” she adds.

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