Breaking the Stereotypes

A heart-to-heart chat with Gurpreet Kaur (aka Fitness Kaur), who has been efficiently surpassing the benchmark set for fitness!

By: Bhavya Gaind

1. How did your Fitness journey begin?

My fitness journey began 5 years ago. This was when I didn’t even know I would be going into the fitness industry I had always been into sports but nothing too serious, I used to binge eat mostly saturated fats and sugars in myself I didn’t feel good as I should. Also, I was born premature and going through life I was told I will not be able to do certain things in life because of my height etc and put down a lot.So, one day I woke up and thought that’s it enough is enough! I need to change my lifestyle and think about the future and I want to prove everyone wrong. That’s when I started to train, I got into weightlifting and was amazed with what I could lift then a year had passed and I thought I want to better, different , I want to test my limits and that’s when I saw some videos of people doing some awesome stuff with their body and I thought I want to do that. That’s when I stopped weightlifting and started calisthenics (body weight training) and now 4 years on I’m still doing the thing I love. I like pushing myself to the extreme I have achieved things that I wouldn’t have dreamed on doing.

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