You Reap the Seeds You Sow

Presenting Reuben Singh, CEO, Isher Capital speaking about his entrepreneurial journey, Rolls-Royce Turban Challenge, almighty & lots more!

By: Bhavya Gaind

“We Punjabis seem to be so eager to enjoy, eat and spend time with family and friends, that even the most serious of situations are forgotten. I love the community feeling in Punjab. There is a sense of belongingness.”

Tell us something about your entrepreneurial journey as the Founder of alldayPay & the CEO of Isher Capital?

I have been in business since the age of 17 which is now over 24 years. Today, as the CEO of alldayPA & Isher Capital I am proud to work with a workforce of several hundred staff committed to not only growing the businesses but further developing their own careers. As a CEO, it is important to realise that your staff have their own dreams and ambitions. So when possible, you need to be able to facilitate and help them to achieve everything they strive for.

Like any businessman & entrepreneur, I have seen many periods of success and failure in my career. It has always been the most difficult and trying times, that have taught me the most about the nuances of business. For better or worse, it has also made me realise who I can truly rely on.

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