As the industry across the region gets repetitive, Roselyn Square promises to be a breakthrough in commercial offerings to become a sought-after name with its innovation and focus

By: Amolak Singh Grewal

Natural progression dictates that every once in a while, a revolutionary thought driven by a forward-thinking individual will bring evolutionary changes to an ecosystem. It is perhaps natural progression or more likely, the individual genius of Rosy Singla that will soon expose the area around the PR-7 highway in Zirakpur to a commercial real-estate landmark that will indeed lead to evolution.

Roselyn Square, as the iconic project is named, will be a small but significant landmark that will introduce unique and innovative concepts to the already vast and versatile industry of the region. “We are not trying to be different,” explains Rosy, adding, “We simply follow the philosophy to build projects that will leave a lasting impression and set a standard.”

Even though Roselyn Square is her first project, she has others lined up already and is determined to deliver breakthroughs in the expanse by way of her work.

From an innovation standpoint, the project features high-quality construction with a matchless outlook on detailing and architecture. The project will also feature two hotels within the premises, and the entire architecture will be interconnected through a network of glass skywalks and all-weather escalators, both of which are a first in the region. “The focus is clear – we wish to set a standard of design, architecture and functionality to build a hangout with a cosy environment where everybody feels welcomed,” explains Rosy.

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