Carving a Niche

 “Whatever your dream is, just go and get it; even if it takes a lot of hard work, patience or sacrifices,” aptly states Harjit Singh, Founder & CEO, EB5 USA Services

The Founder & CEO of EB5 USA Services, Harjit Singh comes with a profound experience of over a decade in investment banking, private equity/venture capital and trade finance roles at Morgan Stanley, DTCC, Oppenheimer, and Co, and Syzygy Therapeutics. Here’s an exclusive interview with him about his professional journey, challenges and lots more!

Provide us with an insider’s view into your professional journey? What inspired you to initiate EB5 USA Services?

I did four internships while I was in college where I came to realise that I wanted to become an investment banker and an entrepreneur. After graduation, I worked for Morgan Stanley and led Surya Capital Securities, a boutique investment banking firm. In 2015, I realized that it was time to start something of my own in the product business.

One day I came across a problem that many Indians were facing in the USA. There were a lot of Indians staying on F1, H1B and even on an illegal basis as they overstayed their time in America. They had migrated to the USA in order to live their dreams and achieve their life goals but were facing a lot of ambiguity and challenge to settle down. At the same time, I stumbled upon EB-5 which is a process where one can invest $500,000 USD and migrate to America. A husband, wife and unmarried kids under the age of 21 all can qualify with a single investment of $500,000. So I saw this as an opportunity to help them get the US Green-Card and make good investments at the same time.

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