Architectural Harmony – Designing with love

Beyond being life partners, their shared passion for architecture has shaped a dynamic partnership. Read how seamlessly Rudraksh Charan and Priyanka Kanna, the visionary founders of 42MM Architecture blend personal and professional life, infuse distinct design identities, and offer insights into their collaborative and innovative approach to architecture.

Share the beginnings of your architectural journey and what inspired both of you to become partners in life and business?

Rudraksh: What inspired us was similarity in our thought process and synergies back in our teenage years. We established our friendship first, that helped us grow together. I formulate the larger picture while Priyanka has a great eye for detail. The projects and responsibilities are divided amongst us. We use each other as critiques to improvise design and knowledge resources for procurements & execution of targets. We respect each other’s point of view as it provides a perspective from a different lens.

Being life and business partners, how do you strike a balance between personal and professional aspects, especially in a field as demanding as architecture?

Priyanka: We practice no work talk on dinner table as a policy. Moreover, it is also important to manage some self-time. With a work-life partnership you spend a large amount of time together. However, we find that one activity be it a workout or a night out with our individual circles that allows us some me time.

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