Crafting Love with Khurana Jewellery House

In the heart of Khurana Jewellery House lies a love story woven with gold threads. Meet Prerna and Pankaj Khurana, a power couple whose synergy extends from crafting timeless pieces to navigating the delicate dance of work and love. In conversation with Nikita Agarwal, they share insights into their creative journey and the art of harmonizing life and business.

Pankaj, how did the journey of Khurana Jewellery House begin in 1951?

The journey of Khurana Jewellery House embarked in 1951 when my grandfather, Shri Uttamchand Khurana, initiated a jewellery wholesale business in Guru Bazaar. Fueled by a vision for delivering exquisite craftsmanship, he laid the foundation for our brand. In 1969, my father, Shri Charanjeet Khurana, joined and brought his expertise and passion to the family business. In 1987, my brother Munish Khurana and I transitioned from wholesale to retail, opening our first retail store in Guru Bazaar. The expansion continued in 2003 with a 2,500 sq.ft. store in Mall Road, transforming Khurana Jewellery House into a luxury destination. In 2011, we further expanded, doubling the store size to 5,000 sq.ft. Today, with the fourth generation on board, our sons and daughters-in-law are actively involved in carrying forward the legacy of Khurana Jewellery House. We now have a dedicated 5,000 sq.ft. multi-designer store above the jewellery store, making it a one-stop shop for all the brides and grooms.

Pankaj, according to you, what are the pros and cons of working with your better half?

Working with my better half enhances customer experience, tapping into women’s intuitive understanding of jewellery. This leads to a more empathetic customer interaction, especially with female clientele. Our distinct skill sets complement each other—Prerna excels in customer relations, design, and creativity, while I contribute to merchandising and financial aspects. This synergy boosts overall business effectiveness. Spending more time together fosters a healthier balance and deeper understanding. Facing challenges becomes easier with emotional support, and celebrating successes together strengthens our partnership. Partnering with your spouse brings inherent trust, loyalty, and mutual respect, creating a solid foundation for our business collaboration.

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