The Cocoon Couple – weaving artistry

Meet the dynamic duo behind Cocoon Fine Rugs, where love for design intertwines seamlessly with business prowess. Smriti Choudhary, the Brand Director, and Ayush Choudhary, the Founder, not only navigate the intricacies of the rug industry but also gracefully balance the art of partnership in both creativity and life.

How did Cocoon Fine Rugs start, and what sparked your joint venture into premier carpet design?

We started in 2009, when founder Ayush Choudhary was still completing his master’s degree in business from The London School of Economics. Having grown up amidst rug manufacturing in Rajasthan and exporting these beautiful rugs internationally, he stumbled upon the idea to make these beautiful rugs available locally to rug connoisseurs in India who were travelling overseas to purchase Persian/ Turkish rugs. All of these beautiful rugs were all manufactured in India and people were purchasing it at double the price from overseas.  Ayush felt it was the best to make them available locally by starting Cocoon Fine Rugs, offering our fellow connoisseurs a taste of luxury within their reach.

Balancing life and business is tricky—any tips on navigating this duality, especially in the creative realm?

For us, the key to balancing life and business lies in the art of division. We meticulously divide tasks, allowing each of us to bring our unique strengths to the table. We’ve learned to embrace disagreements, recognizing that they unearth better perspectives that ultimately serve the brand. The mantra is simple: we’re both on this journey together, working towards the best for the brand.

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